Idolizing Murderers

Why people look up to serial killers


Natalia Pantoja, Reporter

We as a society know that the worst crime to commit is taking someone’s life. Committing this crime can receive the penalty of being placed on death row or be sentenced to prison for life. Although we see these crimes as brutal and the attackers as heartless, there are people who think otherwise.

We are obsessed with crime

Is no lie that there’s something about true crime that we grasp onto. We constantly see TV shows, the news, articles, books and videos about true crimes. Social media also takes a big part on spreading information about true crimes. As soon as something new comes up it can be seen all over social media. According to experts the reason we are intrigued by crime is due to many reasons. Some of the reasons include learning tips to avoid being place in a dangerous situation, and being interested in the behavior behind the disturbing acts. 

Serial Killers 

Although people are invested on true crime there are individuals that take it a step further. There are people who become obsessed with the ones committing the crime. There has been women who are known to fall in love with these serial killers. There are also men who copy serial killer’s strategy to end lives known as copycats. 

Women in love with serial killers

Oscar Ray Bolin was known as the murderer of three women which led him to getting executed on January 7th, 2016. During his time on death row Oscar had Rosalie Bolin as his lawyer. Before Rosalie met Oscar, she was married to an attorney and had four kids. This marriage did not last as Rosalie ended up falling in love with Oscar. Rosalie soon left her family and decided to pursue her relationship with Oscar. Once this information was released to the public many people asked why. According to professor, Katherine Ramsland, claims that women who fall in love with serial killers “[are] insecure females who cannot find love in normal ways.” This means women with bad past relationships are in a state of hopelessness and try to find love in any way. 


What sets apart one serial killer from another is the method for doing their immoral deeds. Clyde Barrow was known for being able to commit crimes and run  away from the police. The zodiac killer is known for his letters and still being unidentified. Some individuals hear about these infamous serial killers and look up to them and take notes. Heriberto Seda also known as Zodiac is a copycat of the zodiac killer. Just like the zodiac killer, Heriberto started killing people and sending notes to the police. Derek Brown took inspiration from Jack the Ripper. Derek picked up women in the same location Jack the Ripper did and slaughtered them before getting rid of there body. It’s clear to say that copycats are not in the right state of mind and are mentally ill.